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What benefits can the best Chinese Lycopene bring to the manufacture of health products


Lycopene is a plant extract widely used in different industries and fields. 

As a professional plant extract manufacturer, today we will focus on analyzing the action, efficacy and application of Lycopene.


IndustryApplicationComparison with Other Products
Food IndustryLycopene is used as a natural pigment in various food products, including condiments, beverages, jams, candies, canned food, and meat products.Lycopene vs. Red No. 40 (artificial coloring):
     Lycopene is a natural pigment with proven health benefits and powerful antioxidant properties, while Red No. 40 may cause allergic reactions and behavioral effects.

Lycopene vs. Yellow No. 5 (artificial coloring):

     Lycopene provides a natural red color and offers antioxidant benefits, unlike Yellow No. 5, which can cause allergic reactions and other health issues.

Lycopene vs. Anthocyanins (natural pigments):
     Lycopene remains stable under heat and light, unlike anthocyanins, which tend to lose their color. Lycopene also provides a vibrant red color.

Lycopene vs. Carotene (natural color):
     Lycopene has better stability and stronger antioxidant properties compared to carotene, which tends to fade under heat and light.
Nutritional SupplementsLycopene is widely used in nutritional supplements and health products for its antioxidant properties and potential health benefits.Lycopene vs. Vitamin C:
     Lycopene is more stable and has stronger antioxidant capacity compared to vitamin C, making it effective in resisting free radical damage and delaying aging.

Lycopene vs. Squalene:
     Lycopene has a wider source and antioxidant effects, giving it a broader application prospect compared to squalene.

Lycopene vs. Amino Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid:

     Lycopene not only has antioxidant effects but also protects the skin from environmental stressors, providing broader anti-aging benefits compared to amino peptides and hyaluronic acid.
Cosmetics and Personal Care ProductsLycopene is used in skincare products, facial masks, hair care products, and lipsticks for its antioxidant and skin health benefits.Lycopene vs. Parabens (preservatives):
     Lycopene enhances product stability without adverse effects on the skin, unlike parabens that may cause skin sensitivity and disrupt the natural microbial balance.

Lycopene vs. Silicone:
     Lycopene provides antioxidant and moisturizing effects without preventing the skin from breathing or causing clogged pores like silicone.

Lycopene vs. Lightening Ingredients (such as Oxybenzone):
     Lycopene protects the skin from free radical damage, an important factor in skin aging and pigmentation, without causing skin sensitivity like lightening ingredients.
Pharmaceutical IndustryLycopene is being studied for its potential benefits in cardiovascular disease, cancer, eye disease, osteoporosis, and more.Lycopene vs. Antioxidant Vitamins:
     Lycopene exhibits stronger antioxidant activity compared to vitamins C and E, which may contribute to its potential benefits in cardiovascular disease.

Lycopene vs. Other Cancer Drugs:
     Lycopene shows potential in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and inducing apoptosis, making it a subject of interest in cancer research.

Lycopene vs. Other Eye Disease Medications:

     Lycopene may help prevent and slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) more effectively than other medications.

Lycopene vs. Other Osteoporosis Drugs:
     Lycopene may contribute to protecting bone health and preventing osteoporosis, as evidenced by studies showing its association with reduced hip fractures.

As the best quality plant extract manufacturer and supplier in China

Our company ensures the highest quality and purity of Lycopene from pure natural citrus fruits following a meticulous extraction and production process. We firmly believe that high-quality raw materials and meticulous workmanship are the basis for the superior performance of our products.

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