We have five factories and 19 years of experience in plant extracts
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Hangzhou Green Sky Biology is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, production, processing, and sales

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Team Advantages


1. Professional R&D team: Our R&D team has rich experience and professional knowledge, and can research and develop new products according to market demand and customer demand, or improve and optimize existing products.

2. Strict quality control team: Our quality control team is proficient in GMP standards and conducts strict quality control at each production stage to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

3. Dedicated Production Team: Our production team is not only highly skilled, but also very dedicated. They pay attention to every detail in the production process to ensure that the produced plant extracts meet our high quality commitment.

4. Sales team proficient in market dynamics: Our sales team understands the dynamics of the global plant extract market, they can quickly capture market opportunities, and provide our customers with the most suitable products and solutions.

5. Collaborative spirit: Our team members have a good cooperative relationship. Everyone can share information and resources, improve efficiency through collaboration, and better serve our customers.

6. Talent cultivation: We attach great importance to the cultivation and development of talents, and provide various training and learning opportunities to allow our team members to continuously improve themselves to meet the needs of business development.

7. Common commitment to the green and healthy cause: Our team members share a common commitment and enthusiasm for the green and healthy cause, which makes us more persevering in the face of challenges and makes our products and services full of unique value.

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We have 5 factories and 19 years of experience in plant extracts. welcome your inquiries and will respond to any questions you have within 24 hours. Thank you.
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